غير مصنف

welcome happiness.

It’s nice to meet again and say welcome happiness.  You are the one how is charge for your happiness and they way to achieve it

For me this is my point of view according to my understanding of Qur’anic orders:


The second order in the holy Quran after read,  was:” don’t follow him but bring yourself closer”.

كلا لا تطعه واسجد واقترب

Nay, heed him not: But bow down in adoration, and bring thyself the closer (to Allah)!

 Don’t follow whom? Some may refer us to the story that was attached to this verse to those I have a question

What do thing is the reason behind keep names hidden?  Or why no name is mentioned here?

While is some stories for example “ذو القرنين “the name is already there?

But in this story and most of the quranic stories: specially the prophet stories  the norm is the opposite.

Oncei heard الشعراوي  when he is talking about this issue let’s hear this it together

مقطع الشعراوي

 So as you can see, the omission of names makes the norm of the verse able to be repeated again in different setting by different persons.  So what can you understand?

That in most stories of the holly quran I may be the hero.  And for each order I will be the follower.

What do you thing is the relation between this and happiness? Why I have to follow this order to reach happiness? And I have to don’t follow whom?

Let’s first take a look to the nest orders in السورة القلم

 ولا تطع المكذبين ، ولا تطع كل حلاف مهين .

So hearken not to those who deny (the Truth).

Heed not the type of despicable men,- ready with oaths

What do you think is the relation between these verses?

Is that , all of these verses direct us to unfollow those who are unbeliever. Why?  Why do you think after reading you have to stay away of those? Do you think if those people were able to read correctly they would be unbeliever?

No they weren’t able to read, so they will miss lead you. They will confuse your ability to read and they may change your instinct which Allah creates to lead you to him.

Here we have notice that the believer may vary depending on the situation, so they are not always the unbeliever if God. But they may be the unbeliever if your ability to success.


Always follow your heart, .. this is the point

I remember that when I was at the stage of deciding my major at university. I was really exhausted by  the discussions around. Everyone was able to talk for ages to convince me with his choice.  I was confused. Nothing was in my mind. But soon my father found a book in the street called a guide to the Ielts exam. He gave it to me and said you are good at English hope u find this book useful. Whereas English wasn’t one of the choices but I feel like this is my major. And I follow my heart.

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