About Us


Voice of Youth and the Community

Leading in Spreading the Culture of Success in the Arab World

Our Vision: We are the first and pioneer platform in spreading the culture of success among Arab youth.
Our Mission: our radio is a platform that contributes in spreading the culture of success, prosperity, democratic and social empowerment to make the effect on the collective behavior at Arab societies.
A Community Radio establishes media discourse that enhances the social dimensions and the requirements of the social incubators of the democratic transformational movements.
Our radio contributes to create a free and creative cultural space to discuss the issues of renewal and reform at Arab societies, and to achieve the humanitarian vision of horizons of science, knowledge and the gains of human civilization. It also creates a media discourse that believes in the humans’ capacity and ability to manage their life and society. The radio transcends ideological norms, enhances the social dimensions of change movements and democratic transformations, and contributes to spreading the culture of success and prosperity to influence societal behavior.
An alternative radio gives our youth the opportunity to find a platform through, which they spread their thoughts and initiatives that express themselves within the democratic development and promote freedoms. From that, the role of the radio appears through engaging youth in reform the cultural space where the age of its team is between (15-35). The radio also provides sufficient media space for all the components of society to express themselves and the message of moderation, change and reform, which represents their ambition and future.
*The radio works on:
– Forming a nucleus of a society where the success is a culture, and it is disseminated through communication among the members of this society and youth in general.
– Establishing a culture of youth empowerment and give more consideration for their rights and freedoms through dedicating mental independency, science and durability.
– Establishing the culture of individuals empowerment and restoring their freedom and rights by devoting their mental independence, knowledge and strength.
– Democratic empowerment of youth through including the culture of democracy in their speeches.
– Creating a free platform for youth to communicate, overcoming all obstacles and physical borders.
– Filling the gap between elite and social change.
– Creating and developing a sound, effective and sustainable climate for discussion and dialogue among youth, and creating opportunities for creativity and innovation, on the actual value of radio activities and programs.
Our radio adopts the culture of “Success in a Changing World” program which is based on the culture of success, prosperity, advancement, and its comprehensive intellectual references to social change. The radio is the first media project to represent the program and expand its cultural applications.
Annaja7 Radio was established in July 2013 at the initiative of Hikaya Center for the Development of Civil Society – Amman, the International Forum for Islamic Dialogue – London, and in partnership with Success Network 21 in the Middle East and North Africa.